Ways Hotels Can Engage With the Millennial Generation

Feb. 5, 2016 - SAN DIEGO CA

The millennial generation is beginning to explore the travel industry, which means hoteliers need to modify their marketing strategies. Because generation Y generally cares more about experiences than material possessions, hotels will need to be more receptive to the travel and spending habits of this group. If you want to attract and retain millennial guests for your hotel or resort, you should begin by engaging more with them.

Connecting With Gen Y

In order to engage with millennials, focus on exceptional, personalized service. Individuals in this group will typically experiment with brands, but they won’t stick around for long if they aren’t fully satisfied. You can increase brand interest and loyalty by providing customized service that is tailored specifically to the next generation. As a result, your guests’ positive experiences will likely be shared on social media from start to finish.

Gaining Trust Through Social Media

The Facebook generation values mass communication, so use this to your advantage. With social media as your gateway, you can provide ongoing personal attention. On various social platforms, offer rewards for positive property reviews, or post engaging images, text and videos around the social media landscape. Your current guests will probably be continuously connected as well, so give them reasons to influence their peers regarding your hotel.

Satisfying the Instant Gratification Need

Millennials have unique lifestyles driven by technology. Most of them want to be perpetually wired to the Internet. If you expect the attention of this generation, offer high-speed wireless connection for free. You may also want to speak to this group of travelers by using their native language: texting. Allow your guests to use texts for communicating all their needs, from requesting additional linens to inquiring about nearby events.

Providing an Experience

The next generation of travelers wants the total experience. To meet this need, hoteliers around the country are transforming their front lobbies into interactive communal centers complete with lounges and casual dining areas. The desire to socialize is strong within this generation, so making that your focus will give you an edge.

How can you Create the Best Content?

Your content marketing strategy should be comprehensive, so be sure to use social media to promote your blogs and articles. The aim is to be ever-present in a connected society. However, leaving your footprint in the social media realm won’t do any good if you’re not offering quality content to begin with. Value is key, so provide articles that grab and hold the attention of the readers.

You’ll also need to deliver your content in multiple ways. Include traditional text, but add videos, images, info-graphics and social media posts as well. Even a comment section for users to share their thoughts will go a long way. It may also help to jazz up your headlines, provide compelling call-to-action details and link earlier articles to your recent entries. Linking internally is an easy way to encourage visitors to explore your site and your service.

Offering Value

Along with an unforgettable experience, generation Y seeks value. Younger travelers are less likely to pop for extra amenities. In order to increase the potential for profit, you’ll need to provide overall value that your guests will talk about and want to experience again. Consider adding fee-free features such as microwaves, refrigerators, air purifiers, smartphone chargers and complimentary laptops or tablets. Be sure to match these perks with high-quality, efficient service.

The best way to engage with millennials is to address their needs on their terms. At Bionic Sisters Productions, you’ll find valuable strategies for dealing with this ever-connected generation, including how to create compelling blogs, videos and images for the social media universe. If you offer your millennial guests personal attention, customized service, advanced technologies and a unique experience, you can earn their long-term loyalty and ultimately boost your revenue.