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Experience in MultiMedia Since 1999

We Began in the Music Biz and Learned How to Get People’s Attention

If You Write Soft Music, It Takes a lot of Creativity To Successfully Compete in the Marketplace

In about 1999, songwriter Bridget Brigitte began recording music for her debut CD, after having composed songs on piano and guitar since she was little. Her producer coached her to found her own record label so that she could be the owner of her music and publishing, so Bionic Sisters Productions was born. Fast forward to the promotion of her debut CD, which led to years of producing multi-artist musical evenings featuring hundreds of local singer/songwriters and original indie - meaning independent - bands. Hoping Jean-Pierre would ultimately become the bass player in her band, Bridget eagerly made the suggestion, but JP confessed to a case of incurable stage fright and offered up instead graphic and web-design as the perfect solution to working together - and it worked! Jean-Pierre designed irresistibly colorful eye-catching postcards and posters for the music series which featured the faces of all the (mostly female) performing artists and musicians and did all he could to help his non-partying wife succeed. Success is a two way street, Bridget continues to write music, is a member of the Grammy Foundation, and Jean-Pierre’s work has made the cover of books, while in his spare time he sculpts salvaged reclaimed wood into animals.

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This humble beginning was the origin of a company that has mushroomed to include custom video and film work, both commercial and documentary, website creation, and search engine optimization -- getting websites to the top of search engines. What began as a simple quest to distract people enough from their daily lives so that they would come listen to original music, mostly by women, on a weeknight at Humphrey's Music Club, has turned into a much-needed and coveted skill - SEO. When you match the talents of wife and husband team Bridget and Jean-Pierre -- namely, a professional literary, poetry and songwriter with a skilled web designer with Euro-flair -- you get an unstoppable force that is hard to match in terms of talent, speed, and efficieny. Without exaggerating, BSP has gone from creating websites for musicians, glass artists, and kitchen-based chocolatiers, to international non-profit organizations, to their first billion-dollar company who chose BSP over all the competition.

One national hospitality company recommended BSP to their property owners and BSP is proud to report a four-fold increase in online bookings for this California hotel client within a mere six months of SEO service. Bridget has scaled back her live performance schedule to accommodate a demanding, but rewarding, multi media career. Pulling Jean-Pierre away from the computer screen can be a challenge, but his dedication is one reason why BSP is so successful. Having chosen to not create biological children, Bridget and Jean-Pierre enjoy a life that has a balance of for-profit work (with close attention paid to sustainable and environmentally friendly methods), non-profit support and volunteerism, art and creativity, animal care, friendships with people who forgive them for being so busy, and exercise including long stress-dissolving walks on the beach to collect stray plastic.

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We Delibrately Keep Our Company Small, You Can Reach Us By Phone and Via Email

Tired of infinite phone trees and waiting weeks for web updates? When you work with us, you are joining a select group of clients, many of whom have tried bigger companies, only to be left with confusion, frustration, and billing surprises.



CEO, Editor, Music

Bridget McDonald's doctoral degree in philosophy and literature has helped her become a solicited writer and editor. If the language on a website is not correct, the content will not be taken seriously or trusted. Bridget is a published writer, poet, songwriter, performing artist and social activist who enjoys lending her skills to projects she believes in, like sustainability, re-forestation, zero-waste living and being vegan.



Manager & Designer

Jean-Pierre Prieur is well-known for his website creation and videography His artwork has been featured on the cover of Photoshop manuals distributed nationally in France. An expert in Search Engine Optimization (getting websites to the top of search engines), he studies the moods and unpredictable actions of search engines daily. He is an accomplished salvaged-woodworker and is committed to ocean and water preservation.


Interns & Freelancers

Web, Music, writers

Special thanks to our past interns:


Matthieu Saint-Wril
Marketing, Event Organization


Web and Graphic Artist Blake Hixson


We work with many writers. If you are interested in creating content for some of our websites, let us know! You set your own deadlines, we seek articles of about 400 words.

Words From The Founders

Every website, like every new song, needs visibility and promotion in order to succeed. The following words are the seed of BSP's success:

Every hit was a new song once!

Bridget Brigitte, Co-Founder Bionic Sisters Productions

Songwriters are hopeful people who either sing about the way the world was in an idyllic past, the way the world is now, or the way it could be. For every successful song, film, product, person, or company, there was once a grain of thought that had an infancy scribbled on a napkin, mentioned at a dinner table, or was captured before a morning's dream got away. The founders of BSP believe that "Hard work is the process in which dreams become reality" and BSP's goal is to see dreams of all kinds take shape in a world where all families are one, on a fragile, precious, and shared planet.