Dazzling Graphics

With graphic designs featured on the cover of Advanced Creation Photoshop magazine, internationally-recognized graphic arts and web designer from France — Jean-Pierre Prieur — adds panache and flair to all BSP websites.


Jean-Pierre’s design experience is extensive, having begun with the challenging task of promoting original music nights featuring his singer/songwriter wife alongside mostly women performers — and the evenings were sell-out successes!


His colorful postcards and enticing posters caught the eye of many and it was not long before national for-profit companies, as well as international non-profits, began asking for marketing help.


His interview in globally-circulated Photoshop Creative magazine explains the thrill of helping out new clients from humble kitchen-based chocolatiers to multi billion dollar interior design firms. Let Jean-Pierre work his web magic and dazzle your clients!


BSP Offers:

Online or Print Custom Graphic Design for Websites, Posters, Postcards, Business Cards, Brochures, Logos, Advertisements  — Photoshop Skills — Photography Services  — Touch Up Work To Make People and Places Look Their Best.

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