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About Bionic Sisters Productions:

Bionic Sisters Productions has been in business since 1999 in San Diego, California. BSP has been the record label and music publisher of recording artist and BSP President, Bridget Brigitte. In conjunction with her manager and Marketing Strategist Jean-Pierre Prieur, BSP has helped others create websites, promotional material, videos, and films. In the world of design, we have expanded our record label to include web design and marketing services.

We are careful to maintain a limited client base so that each website is carefully nurtured. In the world of music, we have produced multi-artist musical evenings that include equitable mixes of women and men, while reflecting the diverse international communities we all come from.

Our motto remains "Every hit was a new song once" and causes dear to us include: world-awareness, personal responsibility, respect for and protection of the earth, social and spiritual harmony, education, health, animal and human rights including enforced Fair Trade agreements. BSP is run by wife and husband Bridget and Jean-Pierre who conduct business meetings and communications together as a team.

NEWS: BSP web design helps garner national award for non-profit SDAART! The National Association of Ethnic Studies awards the San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre with Ernest M. Pon Memorial Service Award citing important 14 year history displayed on impressive website [created by BSP].

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Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms

Bionic Sisters Productions is your consultant

We can help you begin your online social media marketing. Social media is fun and offers a platform where anyone can talk about anything. If you are strategic, you will learn what gains people's attention, garners comments, and invites interaction. Posts may be changed and deleted, updated, and shared. Social media tools are designed to help you reach others, whether your following is friends and family, potential customers and clients, or your employees/employers and business team. Online communication is a powerful tool that should be used for good and for circulating knowledge that will help our world community stay healthy via sustainable methods.

When we work with companies/clients/organizations, we encourage them to provide us with as much information as they can (appropriate for social posts), since leadership and insiders know the most about developments at any given time. BSP is careful to never be political online, since we believe that our world is One, our human community is One Family, and that we all live together in a collective home called planet earth where each of us has a responsibility to maintain cleanliness and harmony. The internet has effectively shrunk the distance between people everywhere, making communication efficient, convenient, and effective. In fact, the web is so powerful that more and more people, organizations, and companies no longer have a need to build structures to maintain a successful business profile, which is good news for our delicate planet. Let BSP help you grow sustainably in the name of collective well-being: we take the stress out of success!

Services We Offer

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Web Design


Websites are the new and eco-friendly versions of what used to be called corporate headquarters. You provide us with your vision and all the elements that you can, we do the rest. See examples below.

Press Releases


We create, post, and circulate press releases. Our experience has taught us where to send them, how often, what content works and what captures a reader.

Reach the Top of Search Engines


Our organic methods show results in as little as a few weeks to up to two years, usually within a few months.

Social Media & Blogging


Getting your messages out on social networks saves paper. We create news bytes, post information, and blog for you.

Monthly Newsletter


It is very important to stay in touch with your satisfied customers. One satisfied customer will lead to 10 more.

Video & Filming


Custom work. Commercial, Promotional, Documentary, Biographical, Archival, Interviews, Events, Birthdays, Celebrations. Any Length..

Change-Over to Secure Server


Security breach? We have successfully moved multi-employee million dollar companies from unsecure servers to secure servers, complete with email and domain name changeovers. No interruption in service.

Press Kit - PDF


Someone interested in your company, but does not have a lot of time? Email them a press kit that we create for you that summarizes your strengths, your history, your team, and philosophy. We bring out the best of You!

Affordable Photography


Websites shine when they showase brilliant photography. We have worked successfully with all our recommendations.

AdWords Consultant


AdWords campaigns can help your website. Let us coach you based on our experience.

Our Latest Website Creation Projects


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What clients have to say about our company :


Hotel Managers Group

by Alan Bowles, VP, Mar 22, 2012

"Our revenues have significantly increased since we engaged the services of Bionic Sisters Productions. Amazing results."
Call this reference (310) 529-3040

Leap Adaptive

by Brian Darnell, CEO Jan 7, 2011

"I went from page 40 on the search engines to page 1 within months and got contracts to build 2 homes in Rancho Bernardo and one in Hawaii. Highly recommended!"
Call this reference (858) 554-0731

Camino Inn and Suites

by Scott Seymore, GM, April 18, 2012

"Since working with BSP, we have shown an astounding four-fold increase in online bookings in the space of only six months."
Call this reference (650) 967 6901

What we do: Affordable Web Design, online marketing for hotels, Social Media for hotels, videos and Youtube creation, we also provide social media strategies to hotels. More about us: Word-of-mouth is the best advertising for hotels. Social media is the future of tourism marketing and we are here to help your hotel be the best one online